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More about Truffles and Ricotta - What's There Not to Like?

As we explore and learn more about the world of truffles, we are of course doing  a number of taste tests along the way. I must admit that a number of years ago when we first moved to Polinago,  I tasted a truffle mixture in a small glass jar, which I was given to use in the making of a frittata. From that time, I decided I didn't particularly like it that the taste was too pungent for my liking. However, I now realise that what I was given was a product which relied very little on the use of real truffles and more on so called infusion of truffle oil. This product is one which probably has price appeal to most members of the public, but very little to do with real truffles and more to do with the probable addition of an oil, which bears no relationship with an actual truffle and perhaps a scrape of truffle in it.

We were fortunate to once again visit Flavio at his property in Predappio and this time he insisted on hosting and making lunch prepared by him and served outside in his …