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The World of Truffles – a Unique Experience

One of the joys of living in Italy is that we are constantly learning new things.

Over the past couple of months due to an enquiry regarding our property Casa Marzana (which we are trying to sell) we have been learning a great deal about truffles. Our PP (Prospective Purchaser) was interested in starting a truffle farm on our land and arranged to have soil tests done to assess its suitability for growing truffles. We became very involved with the process and certainly more knowledgeable. However, as much as we enjoyed surveying our property with the agronomist and observing how the soil samples were taken and seeing him continually shaking his head, it was not to be. Our soil, thick and full of clay is great for growing lush green grass- every cow’s delight, but it definitely is not suitable for growing truffles.
The friendly agronomist and his truffle expert companion suggested taking the PP to visit an existing truffle farm so that he could see for himself what a truffle farm is like …