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A New Discovery

After living in Polinago for almost eight years, there still remainnew discoveries to be made. For a small town I never cease to be amazed with the number of different things which one doesn't necessarily know about, and certainly aren't widely advertised.The other day was a case in point. Last year as I was helping on the refreshment stand for the annual Panoramic Trail Fun Run, one of the other volunteers whom I had seen and nodded to over the years, approached me and asked if I would like to visit his family Balsameri (a distillery for making balsamic vinegar) in Gombola. Over time we have driven through Gombola, part of the Territory of Polinago, at least several times a month and I had never seen any evidence whatsoever, or heard about a balsameria located there.

Due to one thing and another, David and I finally had the opportunity to take up William Facchini's invitation and yesterday afternoon we paid a visit. It was obvious why we had never seen it as the building i…